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I was born in 1974 in New York, USA the second in a cosy family of three.

My childhood was filled with the taste of our mother’s delicious home cooking – she loved to prepare her own homemade food for our family. She especially enjoyed making her own pasta from scratch, never minding the long, drawn-out process. I was always happy to be sent as Mom’s special errand boy to buy that pasta flour. Boy, did we love her delicious and unique pasta recipe, one of our favourite supper side dishes!

That unique and scrumptious pasta recipe accompanied me into my adulthood. However, noticing the rising popularity of spelt products, I decided to try experimenting with pasta made from spelt flour.

It was an excellent decision – the spelt pasta is far lighter on the stomach and more easily digestible. It is also higher in fibre than wheat flour, helping to keep cholesterol levels down and easing blood pressure. Definitely a healthier choice.

So I completely changed from ordinary wheat flour to spelt flour and now I happily reap the benefits. My siblings soon followed me along the spelt flour path and they can’t be thankful enough.

Not convinced yet? Don’t take my word for it – try it – you’ll be absolutely amazed.

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